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UTS is developing a set of principles to guide researchers and research teams in reaching moral decisions around accepting funding from industries that may be perceived as contentious. We invite you to join Prof Kate McGrath and a panel of experienced researchers as they explore a range of issues and considerations around academic freedom, reputation, and research integrity.

ROCF: Research Funding

Online Training Seminar

The 12 Weeks to Publication program will help you achieve your writing and publishing goals in just 12 weeks. Ahead of the full-program, this ‘teaser’ session highlights how the program will support you to elevate the quality of your articles for publication in high-ranking journals. 

ROCF: Research Communication

Online Training Seminar

Join us for an interactive quiz session to understand in more detail what the University's expectations are around Research Data Management (RDM) and your responsibilities. Through this multiple choice quiz we will bust myths and common misconceptions around policy, technology and process. 

ROCF: Research Life-cycle

Online Training Seminar

This session explains what TD research is, as distinct from multi- or cross-disciplinary research, and how it emphasises engagement and impact with end-users. This session also introduces TD School’s four research areas and showcases different pathways by which we work with industry to draw them into doing research across UTS.

ROCF: Research Impact

Online Training Seminar