At UTS we are committed to investing in the development and growth of research leadership at all academic and professional levels. Excellence in research support is about the capabilities we build in all our people, both professional and academic colleagues.

Whether you are new to UTS, a research student, early in your career or an established researcher our approach is to support you to benefit from our research culture and cultivate the skills and attributes for successful discovery. 

Here in the Research Capabilities pillar of RES Hub you will have access to a suite of resources and development opportunities to help you create excellent, impact-focused research and inspire research-led teaching throughout your career.



0:04 One of the best pieces of advice I was ever given when I was a HDR student was plan your

0:09 research career, as it won’t happen by accident.

0:12 As academics we readily put energy into directly working on our research, we will spend evenings,

0:18 holidays, weekends working on that grant proposal or paper—but when it comes to putting energy

0:24 into developing our skills, we often think we don’t have the time.

0:29 Yet our work is increasingly more complex. For example, we now have to communicate our

0:33 research in multiple ways and to diverse audiences—do you have an elevator pitch? Can you convince

0:40 a policy maker or philanthropist that your work is important?

0:44 Even core areas of research activities are seeing fundamental change—and both our academics

0:50 and professional colleagues need support to develop their skills and expertise. Are you

0:55 up to date with best practice in data management and research integrity? Do you know how key

1:00 funding bodies are interpreting track record?

1:03 Here in the research careers section of RES Hub it’s all about supporting you whether you’re

1:08 an academic or professional colleague—to navigate the research environment successfully

1:12 with the right tools and resources.

1:15 And here are some of our colleagues explaining exactly what we provide for you.

1:20 We have developed a research induction program which is hosted on Res Hub. The program was

1:25 designed to integrate new academics into the UTS research environment quickly, provide

1:31 them

1:32 with a sense of belonging and set them up for success with their research.

1:35 The program guides new academics through information such as, how to set up their researcher profile

1:40 and which systems are used at UTS for research. It provides links to Faculty induction pages

1:46 and tips around the UTS culture and values. There is even a list of UTS acronyms, which

1:51 has proven to be very useful for new people coming into the UTS environment.

1:56 The Research Capabilities Framework is a reference tool for all UTS colleagues connected with

2:00 our research activity.

2:01 Linked to our research strategy the framework has been created as a reference tool to help

2:05 you identify how you might increase your research productivity, outcomes and impact by accessing

2:11 research development opportunities here at UTS.

2:14 Particularly for UTS academics it is a guide to help you manage your research career and

2:18 can be used to assist you in planning your review and development discussions with your

2:22 supervisor in the end producing excellent impactful lasting value research work. It’s

2:27 a tool for you to use.

2:28 The Research Career Pillar of RES Hub is where you will find quality professional developmental

2:33 offerings from across UTS. Here you can search and register for development offerings to

2:39 build your career as a researcher, or as a research support staff.

2:43 These offerings draw on specialist expertise from across UTS from the Research Office,

2:49 HR, and the Library, as well as from individual faculties and research groups, and of course,

2:55 from external experts. Many of these events will take place in the dedicated physical

3:00 RES Hub space at UTS Central.

3:03 The Research Careers offerings range from technical and methodological skills development,

3:08 to leadership development, future scoping research ideas, and much, much more. We also

3:14 hold ‘fireside chats’ with leading UTS researchers, as well as hosting visiting speakers

3:20 thereby supporting intellectual discourse.

3:23 These events are about creating a collaborative and vibrant research environment in which

3:28 UTS staff can succeed and thrive.

3:31 Come and visit us on-line or in the new space. We look forward to welcoming you.