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New features in 2020

Building 2

The Research Excellence and Support Hub (RES Hub) will become an integrated research support ecosystem.


Throughout 2019 and 2020, we are building digital and physical spaces to connect the research community and enable excellence across UTS and beyond.

The launch of this iteration of the RES Hub digital gateway is the first step on this journey. We have started the planning process and have a number of milestones over the next 12 months.

Your feedback is important as we build RES Hub. Tell us what you think and help us build a platform that will help you focus on what you do best – delivering and enabling research.


RES Hub digital
What: Launch first iteration of RES Hub digital gateway
When: Quarter 4, 2019


RES Hub physical
What: Open the RES Hub and Industry Hub in UTS Central, Level 5
When: Quarter 1, 2020


RES Hub digital
What: Incremental improvements to digital RES Hub based on user feedback
When: Quarter 1, 2020


RES Hub digital enhancements
What: Enhanced functions to digital RES Hub that may include additional content, collaboration tools, funding and other opportunities, and other tools and resources
When: Quarter 2, 2020


RES Hub plus
What: Comprehensive integrated ecosystem of support services that will include an improved experience, extra functions and integration between digital and physical spaces
When: Quarter 4, 2020