Graduate Research

In the Graduate Research pillar of RES Hub you will have access to the information, resources and tools you need to create an excellent graduate research experience.

We will soon be releasing tools to help you manage your research studies.

You can get details and sign up for our research student and supervisor development workshops.

We encourage research students to also explore the other areas of RES Hub which will connect you to development resources and events as well as the systems that support you to do your research.


0:05 Hi.

0:06 I'm Lori Lockyer, and I'm the Dean of the Graduate Research School.

0:08 And I'd like to welcome you to the Graduate Research section of RES Hub.

0:12 It's an exciting time to be part of Graduate Research community at UTS.

0:16 We're continuing to build an excellent experience for our research students, and students, researchers,

0:21 and faculty staff have been at the heart of designing how we will do this.

0:25 One of the important things we're creating are new digital tools to help you manage your

0:30 degree and your research wherever you are and whenever you want.

0:35 In RES Hub, you'll find new online forms for all parts of the student lifecycle from enrollment

0:40 to graduation.

0:42 We're currently developing new online education and training modules for our students and

0:46 supervisors that will be on RES Hub.

0:49 And we're expanding our opportunities for our students to engage with industry on real

0:53 industry problems and consider their future career opportunities.

0:57 We're also completely redesigning our website to be a one-stop shop with information for

1:02 future students, current students, supervisors, faculty, staff, research collaborators, and

1:07 university partners.

1:09 In the coming weeks and months, RES Hub will evolve to provide you with access to all the

1:13 information and tools you need to be part of this experience.

1:17 So I look forward to hearing your feedback, and please, keep letting us know about your

1:23 great ideas for making it even better.


To explore and access training and development events, go to the RES Hub Events site.


For more information and updates about Graduate Research, please visit the Graduate Research site.