Research Opportunities

UTS is committed to producing high-quality, internationally-respected research that has significant economic, environmental, cultural and social impact and supports the application of new technologies and solutions to important national and global challenges.

RES Hub Research Opportunities is designed to help identify funding sources and collaborative opportunities to support UTS researchers in the delivery of excellent, innovative, impactful research.

Understanding the diverse types of support available to suit different research areas, project types, career stages and required resources is an important part of forging a successful and sustainable research career. Also essential is gaining knowledge and expertise in developing highly competitive, well-written and appropriately-priced proposals that meet sponsors’ criteria and funding imperatives, whether for a grant, tender or industry funder.

COVID-19 TechVouchers

The COVID-19 TechVoucher program is designed to enable more NSW businesses to accelerate the commercialisation of innovative R&D products and services that address the health and economic impacts of COVID-19. This is a great opportunity for UTS to collaborate with technology-rich Start-ups, S

Telecommunication towers
Australia-India Cyber and Critical Technology Partnership

Australia and India have a key role to play in contributing to the global development of critical and emerging technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), next-generation telecommunications (5G/6G), Internet of Things (IoT), quantum computing, synthetic biology, blockchain and big data.

Farming land
Agricultural Awards

If you’re 18-35 and want to make a difference for Australia’s agriculture industries, this is your chance to apply for a Science and Innovation grant of up to $22,000 to fund your project.

D.Start Spark Defence Research Projects

The CSIRO D.Start Spark program is looking for emerging and future technologies with the potential to provide game-changing capabilities for Australia's defence and national security.