The Open Publications of UTS Scholars (OPUS) is an open access digital repository that showcases UTS research excellence to a world-wide audience. OPUS collects, preserves, indexes, and disseminates the research outputs of UTS staff and postgraduate students, providing free global access to the full-text of works where possible, thereby enlarging the audience and impact of your work.



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Deposit your work by claiming and uploading your publications via Symplectic Elements, the UTS research outputs management system. For details:

Some of the collection is listed as 'Closed Access' where it could be undergoing copyright review or under embargo. Contact the Library if you would like assistance in getting access

Yes. The SPARC open access group monitors studies tracking the citation advantage of open access articles and has found that out of 70 open access studies, 46 found a citation advantage for articles available via open access. To see more visit