Research Professional

Research Professional is an externally provided service designed to assist you in your search for research funding opportunities. It is a database of over 9000 funding opportunities in all disciplines from a wide range of sponsors in Australia and overseas. All funding opportunities in the database are eligibility verified for Australian researchers. The program has powerful searching and customisation tools. Registered users can also save their searches and set up automatic email alerts.



Research Professional
Research Funding

Tools and tips for systems

On campus

If you are on-campus, using the UTS campus internet, a login is not required and you can browse and access Research Professional content freely.

If you would like to save searches or send yourself email reminders from the system, you will need to create an account. Please follow the instructions provided in the Research Professional User Guide or contact to find out how.

Off campus

If you would like to use Research Professional whilst working remotely, you’ll need to log in, even when using the UTS VPN. If you would like to create a login or have forgotten whether you have registered, please contact

Research Professional has online help and these resources (open external sites,  login may be required):

On campus group training

If you would like to arrange Research Professional training for your research centre or faculty contact



To set up an email alert based on an opportunity or articles search, save your search and then click on 'Save and Alert' in the pop-up.

To control emails that are generated from Research Professional, click on the “Email alerts” button. This will show you all of your opportunities/articles searches and any other available email notifications. To stop receiving an email alert, simply un-tick the box and your account will automatically update.

Your account is tied to your institution. If you just want another account without any of the saved work, go through the 'Register' process when on campus at UTS.

If you have personalised searches you would like to keep, go through the 'Register' process, but contact and they may be able to transfer the searches for you.