Understanding Research Funding

UTS is committed to producing high-quality, internationally respected research that has significant economic, environmental, cultural and social impact and supports the application of new technologies and solutions to important national and global challenges.


UTS Researchers can apply for funding from a variety of different internal, corporate, public sector, national, and international sources. This funding can take on a variety of different formats, for example; travel grants, scholarships, infrastructure and equipment schemes, project funding, fellowships, prizes and awards, government grants schemes and philanthropic donors. 


How to find funding? 

The UTS Research Office through the Research Grants Team supports national and international funding opportunities. This also includes internal grants and fellowshipsresearch prizes and awards and research tenders

You can find funding using the below sources: 


Grant Funding Opportunity Identification

Not sure what type of research funding opportunities are available in your field? The Research Grants Team can assist by identifying research funding opportunities from local and international funders. They can help you make scheme selection based on your eligibility, team, project structure, and timing. 


What funding can be accepted?

When deciding whether or not to accept funding for a particular project, or from a particular source, a range of considerations and factors come into play. UTS recognises that researchers will have different views on the appropriateness of accepting funding from particular sources, understand the UTS Guidelines for Accepting Research Funding. (This link requires your UTS ID to access). 


What about Grant Establishment and Post Award? 

Well done! Receiving a successful grant notification is terrific news.

The Research Grants Team can assist by reviewing the award or agreement/contract with the as well as begin setting up the project account and managing significant events of the project through its closeout. The team works with you, Faculty Managers and Finance Managers to ensure your project is ready to go. The team can also assist throughout the award period, for matters such as variations, extensions, grant transfers, submissions of progress reports/final reports required by the funder etc.

At the end of the project, the team, in collaboration with you, your faculty team and the UTS finance team can help you with the closure of the project account and project record. Whatever your research grants post-award need, get in touch.


What is the UTS Library of Successful Grants? 

The UTS Library of Successful Grants contains external and internal grant applications that have been successfully funded at UTS. It is aimed at assisting UTS researchers in framing, structuring, and developing their own grant applications. 

The UTS Library of Successful Grants, hosted on SharePoint is only available to current UTS staff and students. 

Those who wish to access the library must agree not to share or copy any part of the grants, in accordance with UTS Policies. Visit the UTS Library of Successful Grants today.